Chihuahua mix
5 years old
From the Foster Parent: Annie the 5 year old brown female chihuahua from Merced has been with me about 3 weeks now and she is very easy-going and well behaved. She likes to sleep with me, but will use her doggie bed, which is right next to my bed and sleep through the night. She'll get up only when you are ready to in the morning. She will bark if she sees the harness and leash come out indicating it's time for a walk. Annie is completely housetrained and knows how to use puppy training pads if she needs to. She gets a short walk 3-4 times a day and travels in my baby sling to Aquatic Park (4 blocks away). She also likes to ride the bus and the apartment elevator and isn't bothered by people or crowd noise. Annie is fearless and likes other dogs, but is polite and will not lunge or show any aggression in new situations. In short, she's a very good dog for someone looking for a small companion. If you would like more information on Annie or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.