vizsla beagle mix
1 year old

Are you looking for the perfect exercise buddy to join you on runs, hikes, long walks or whatever else strikes your fancy? Baxter is your boy! 

We think he a vizsla beagle mix, weights about 31 lbs, this energetic 1 year old pup is looking for an active family who can keep up with his boundless energy.

Ari  loves to play fetch, race around the house with his squeaky toys, and  wrestle with his doggie friends. This is the type of dog who can hike and still be up for a round of fetch a few hours later OR just relax  around the house watching you.

He  is also a master cuddler and respectful bedmate - he will sleep on a  dog bed on the side of your bed and nuzzle his way next to you in the  morning, or sooner if he sees the opportunity. He has very short hair  and is a clean guy.

He is great with dogs his size or smaller, and usually likes larger dogs  as well though occasionally he can get a bit intimidated by certain  large dogs.

He  is currently living with his foster’s myraid of old dogs and young pups  - all very harmonious.   He is well housetrained (he’s never once had  an accident in his foster’s house), knows how to sit and “drop it” when  playing fetch, and generally has good house manners. He doesn't have  separation anxiety.

His potential family needs to be committed  to his ongoing training and socialization. He does have some "stranger-danger," especially with new men in his home or on  leashed walks. He responds to voice commands and can be distracted away from said men.

He  wants to please and has learned a lot in a short time.  He is a young  and excitable boy who is still working on walking calmly on leash,  remembering not to chase bikes and joggers, and greeting other dogs in a  relaxed manner. He is highly food motivated, learns extremely quickly,  and has so much potential.

If you are looking for a super loving,  goofy energizer bunny who will put a smile on your face everyday then  looking no further than Baxter!