Shih tzu/Yorkie mix
2 years old
In progress
Austin is an interestingly cute dog. He was found as a stray living under a car. His fur was matted and he was scared of everyone and everything, growling and at times attempting to bite in an effort to act tough and protect himself. He has been in a foster home for over a month.... he has come to trust his foster parents, and wants to be with them all the time. Austin did not like being picked up when his foster parents first met him, but a week into his care, Austin can be gently picked up at times with caution. A vibrating collar was used to quell his growling and it has worked wonders. He responds very well to it and he growls less and bites less. He is affectionate and doting. He sleeps by his fosters' heads or spoons under the covers. He rides on their lap in the car and does not have car anxiety. He loves walks, hikes and occasionally ran with the foster parents during their morning jog. Austin is fine with other dogs- but really loves his people. Austin has come a long way since we met him a month ago. He is worth the chance. And he is just cute.