Basil & Benny

7 months old
Litter Trained (mostly)
Mellow dogs
Mellow Cats

Basil  and Benny are two brothers from the same litter and they are 7 months  old. Benny is slightly larger than Basil and is the alpha. They are an  inseparable pair, and are often side by side.

Basil  and Benny are Lionhead rabbits, they are smaller and more timid  compared to other kinds of rabbits (they currently weigh 2-3 pounds  each).

They  are being fostered with a small dog and a cat and the bunnies are fine  with the other animals if they are not bothered (the dog does not care  about them at all, the cat was curious and the bunnies were not afraid).  Benny showed some aggression towards the cat if the cat got too touchy,  which set up good boundaries.

Because  these rabbits are smaller and timid, they would not do well with  children. They don’t especially enjoy being handled or pet.

Despite  their shyness, they enjoy being part of the household. They are house  rabbits in the truest sense. They prefer to be free-roaming and are  mostly litter-box trained. They need space to run and “binky,” and have  loved their foster home’s fenced-in backyard for running around  supervised. These two would not do well stuck in a hutch or cage all  day.

They  are incredibly sweet and cute, and are in need of someone who’s ok with  their need for space both emotionally and physically.