Heeler mix
6-7 years old
Bear is a 6-7 year old Heeler mix, weighing 53 lbs. He probably has some shepherd in him. We think he'd had a hard life before being rescued. Being in a foster home has allowed him to relax, open up and show his true colors. Bear is great around small dogs, and ignores cats. He takes exception with certain large dogs however. His loyalty and calm presence has made me a believer in what a good fellow he is. While I don't see him living with a runner/jogger, Bear's activity level makes him a perfect companion for someone who likes to walk or hike. At home he is mellow. You can meet Bear at an adoption event, or email to set up a meeting in our office. From Bear's Foster Mom: We don't know anything about Bear/Bruiser's past - he was a stray in Yolo county.....he is a bit mysterious.....and that adds to his appeal. He is quiet, gentle and relaxing more and more each day as new experiences come his way in his foster home. He was a bit fearful at first and not too trusting - but again, each day he becomes more comfortable. He is kind with people and comfortable with all types of dogs....he will play with certain pups he meets. He is relaxed around the house and in the park. He enjoys walks, he is good in the car. His health is good. Do Bears enjoy parks? Watch the video!