English Bull Dog
2-4 years old
callm dogs preferred
Older children

Bear (rescued  from Korea!) is just a big dude who knows how to chill out.  

He's on a diet at the moment and has slimmed down quite a bit.  This boy has been on an epic journey from Korea to the Bay Area!  He was discovered alone in the countryside, sent to a dog pound where he was set to be euthanized, then saved by a Bulldog rescue group in Seoul who nursed him back to health and who put him on a plane to California!    

Despite all these massive changes in his life, he seems to be taking everything in stride.  He's car savvy, knows how to push open the front door to go inside when he's no longer interested in walking and has a keen ear for crinkly sounds that could mean a bag of treats (or any food, really!) is being opened.  He's a sound sleeper, a serious snorer, and an attentive dog who seems more interested in people than in playing with other dogs.  He greets dogs, does the sniffing thing and then moves on--respectful and calm dogs preferred. 

Bear can be stubborn, but he's very food motivated which helps to lure him outside to do his business and get a little exercise in.  He has been treated for heartworms and doesn't seem to be very in shape at the moment, so some movement is good-just go slow!  His food motivation has revealed he knows basic commands; he can sit, shake a paw, stay and come.  

He loves being petted and really seemed to enjoy a grooming session with the Furminator.  And he loves his death!  This boy can kill a squeaker in mere minutes and loves to shake the (literal) stuffing out of his toys.  As his toys and food are very important to him, he doesn't want to be approached or petted whilst eating or having play time with his toys.  Older children and adults that can respect his space would be best.

Please note: Special adoption fee for dogs rescued from Korea: $1200