Boston Terrier
9 years old
From her current foster parent: Sweet Love-Nugget Seeks Forever Home! This is Bella, a thoroughly lovely nine-year-old chunk of Boston Terrier. She's a little heavy, which we're working on. We don't discuss the missing eye. Bella is a Velcro dog, and will follow you from room to room. She loves snuggles and pets, and will lick you to death if you let her. She likes a spot on the couch while you watch TV. She sleeps a LOT, and she snores, and she snurfles, and she talks in her sleep. She barks very rarely, and not very loudly. She is 100% housebroken! She walks well on the leash, not pulling, staying by your side and checking in every once in a while. Her stamina has improved during our time together, and we take two quick "business" walks and one longer walk every day. She is friendly with everyone she meets, dog and human alike. I haven't seen her with cats or little kids. I adore this dog. She's expressive and easy-going. I'd love to keep her but I think she would do better in a home with more company (probably canine). She does NOT like being alone. She's been destructive when left alone, which could be separation anxiety or just boredom. She can be crated but will cry a bit. Short version: sweet, friendly, easy-going dog, needs dog companions. If you would like to meet Bella, please send us an email or fill out the adoption application.