Big Guy

Boston Terrier
6 years old
Yes, mostly
Big Guy is the biggest of the 13 Bostons we recently rescued from a hoarding situation. He's 30 pounds and is about 6 years old. He's the shyest of the bunch and hunkered down in a crate the minute he came into the Wonder Dog office. Since then he's been decompressing in a foster home and still likes to chill in his crate. He may panic and run from you, but when comfortable is a big snuggle bunny and without a mean bone in his body. He has never been on a leash and will have to learn how that works. He likes to play and may be a bit destructive when left alone, but is happy in a crate and so eager to please, that he could train out of bad habits. He is a big, loving reward for someone willing to be patient. If you would like more information on Big Guy or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.