English Bull Dog

BLT (rescued from Korea!) is a sweet little guy who loves to cuddle and play. 

BLT  was found emaciated at the US Army base in Korea. BLT doesn't let his  past define him and loves to snuggle and play - he brings joy to every  person he meets! He’s great with other dogs and people (small children  also, but needs teething training). His favorite things to do are nap,  snuggle, go to the dog park, go for walks, play with other dogs and play  with his toys, did I mention snuggle? He is a great work-from-home  companion as he will lay next to you all day, but needs to be walked to  let out energy. He is very affectionate and has a very sweet, warm  personality. He is teething a bit and has a strong jaw, he will need  some further training here.

For  the most part, he uses puppy pads in the house but is beginning to  catch on to going outside. He responds well to training but needs  someone who is patient.

BLT  would do best in a home that can give him lots of love attention and  freedom around the house. He is attached and will follow you everywhere  you go and likes to sleep in your bed - he snores. He would do  particularly well with another energetic young dog companion as he loves  to wrestle and play. He gravitates to all dogs but particularly  Frenchies and dogs his size. He would not do well in a crate or left at  home every day.

BLT needs an affectionate home that will give him all the love and attention he deserves.

Please note: Special adoption fee for dogs rescued from Korea: $1200