Double Merle Pomeranian
3 years old
In progress
Bluebell came from a breeder and has not had a happy life. Lets change that around for her! She is deaf and partially blind and only 3 years old. She is a double Merle Pomeranian and over breeding leads to these conditions. As can be expected, she has some insecurities that come out in terms of needing to know where her person is at all times and separation anxiety. Having spent most of her life in a crate, she sleeps a lot and needs to be with her person a lot. She would be great for someone who works at home and/or wants to have a pup that loves to be carried, as she is just six pounds! She has been good with other small dogs - big dogs may overwhelm her. Her foster parent is working with her on her on potty training and says that she does know how to use a pet door. Notes From Her Foster Parent: She is 100% blind in direct sunlight, so it would be great to get her a visor or goggles. She is food motivated. She will chew on dental treats and her breath has improved greatly since she first came here. She will walk on leash in the shade or at night, but needs training. If you take her to a dog park, she is overwhelmed by all the smells and takes it an inch at a time, so she needs work with dog parks too. She loves to be near her human and will follow you everywhere and if you leave the room while she is snoozing she will get alarmed if she wakes up and does not see you and will run around looking for you. She will entertain herself with toys and can be very playful. I wish I could have gotten a video of some of her play time with my Poms, unfortunately when the camera came out the action stopped.