Chihuahua mix
3 years old
In progress
From BoBo's current foster: BoBo Update, Day 3: He is a love! He's SO sweet. He follows me around the house and naps on the couch or bed with Axel, his dog buddy. He jumped on the bed to give kisses to all of us at 6:00am this morning. His tail wags frequently. He loves walks and actually runs to me when I get his leash/harness out. He's walked up to a mile at a time with no issue. Bo-Bo is good on leash. He pulls a tad when he's excited. He does get scared by loud noises and I think he's a “flight risk” for the time being. He will need a solid RECALL before being allowed off leash. Bobo also gets excited for dinner time. He hasn't shown any signs of fear aggression. He's been fine with being handled/picked up, even if I've had to reach into a tight space to get him. He is housebroken, and has not had an actual accident in the house. I think he would do best in a home without small children because he is shy and needs to be able to have quiet when he wants it. Older children that would understand when to leave him alone would be fine. He has been fine with Axel and is starting to play with him more. He's been unfazed by larger dogs on the street. I think he'd be cool with other dogs, but would probably prefer a quieter, chill doggie. We've left him (and Axel) alone for short periods (2-3 hours) and he has not been destructive or seemed overly anxious. In short: He is a sweetheart who just needs some peace, love, and patience. He'll make a truly lovely dog for a lucky family. BoBo is 3 years of age, and weighs about 15 pounds. If you would like more information on BoBo or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.