Bodhi and Baba

Boston Terriers
Bodhi, 6 years old
Yes, mostly
Baba: Bodhi: Bodi and Baba are two Boston terriers rescued from Ukiah. I can tell that they've spent their time together and would prefer this, but we are willing to separate them. I have a strong feeling that they lived outdoors much of the day, and did not get a lot of training. They are very sweet and sensitive fellas. They will also benefit from acclimating more to an indoor environment. Both are SUPER good with dogs, and a little too interested in my cat! Baba, the larger boy, is only a year old. He is FULL of energy; wants to play much of the time. He has also discovered that he can sleep on a bed with people at night, and that's been so comforting to him. He's going to need a home with a large yard, or someone who can give him plenty of exercise, as he is a typical Boston! Baba weighs around 30 lbs. Bodhi may be an older brother of his. He's 3-4 years of age, and smaller. Bodhi likes to play with Baba. But when not playing you'll usually find Bodhi resting on the sofa or a soft bed. He's more laid back. I can tell that both dogs are so grateful to be receiving love. They are GREAT dogs and I know that whoever adopts them will be very lucky! If you would like more information on Bodhi or Baba or are interested in fostering or adopting, please fill out the adoption form.