French Bulldog
2-3 years old
In progress
Bronx the French Bulldog for adoption for experienced owners only! PLEASE read the entire description and fill out an application if you are able to provide the requirements for this sweet guy. 95% of French Bull dogs come into rescue because of aggression and/or health issues. While they are wildly popular and in high demand, they were initially bred as guard dogs and this behavior can be "hard wired" due to unscrupulous breeding practice. So a rescue Frenchie (or really any Frenchie) is a life time commitment of hard work, training and devotion. We don't want to bounce this guy around, we want his perfect dream home. We are carefully screening all applications before placing him and due to the popularity of this breed we will only reply to completed applications. This big lug (35lbs) came into rescue via a Northern California Shelter. The only shelter notes is that he is GREAT with people, BAD with dogs. He came in with multiple upper body scars, which is indicative of a dog that has been in fights. The bad: His foster homes have noted this: He has fear/aggression issues with large dogs, especially pits and male dogs and has shown less issues with small female dogs. He has also shown a bit of resource guarding behavior. He will only be placed in a dog savvy household: Someone who has experience with troubled dogs and hopefully Frenchies. Someone with knowledge of dog behavior and understands this is NOT and easy dog. He will not be placed in a home with other dogs or with small children. He will never be a Dog Park dog and only on leash walks. He has separation anxiety: He is destructive in the house hold. He will chew door frames and window frames when his people leave. We are looking for a stay at home or work from home household for him who will work with a trainer in order to help correct his anxiety and fear of large dogs. He is not housetrained: He poops outside, but he is marking like crazy. He wears a belly band to keep the pee messes down in his foster home. The good: He is wonderful and very, very attentive, sweet and loving to his people. He loves to cuddle, will follow you around and sleep in bed all night. He is stellar on leash. He SEEMS to be good with cats. He is smart and wants to please, so he will respond to training and he is in great health. He is up to date with shots and is neutered. IF you are still interested in a huge change to your lifestyle by bringing this guy into your home we look forward to screening your adoption application.