Boston Terrier
7 years old
Bubba was found by the same wonderful person who is adopting him! He came to us through the San Jose shelter his medical record cited limping and unusual blood work. I knew we had to proceed cautiously. After he arrived in Rescue, we had an email from Margaret the finder offering to Foster and saying that she would probably like to adopt him. She was a government worker on furlough. We were very happy to accommodate her. We all met today at Mission pet Hospital and had him examined by one of the great vets there. His leg is no longer troublesome and he walks with ease. We repeated his bloodwork because his liver values are a little unusual and we want to see whether they have improved within the last couple of weeks. This is important because we would like to sedate him to remove two fractured teeth and need to know that he can withstand the anesthesia. This boy is on the road to a wonderful life with a woman who really loves him and takes him to work with her now every single day.