Bull dog mix
2-3 years old
not sure
not sure

Camilla was rescued from Korea!

Since she was rescued overseas, adoption donations will include the expenses incurred, such as international travel costs, etc. estimated around $1200.

She has been a hilarious delight since she stepped off the plane.

She is loving and spirited. Despite the language barrier, she can sit for treats! She is a playful girl who would do well in a home with a play-partner-in-residence. The dog sibling should be her emotional equal - Camilla can been bossy and possessive with your affection.

She  is cuddly with people and pups. She loves to bomb around a park with a  soccer ball or similar-sized ball.  Beware anyone with a chuck-it!  She will leap to grab it, she is obsessed with them! She will not be denied- she jumps well! 

She walks well on leash. She is learning manners everyday and is a good student. She very much wants to please. A tired Camilla is a  better roommate - in her foster home she gets 3-4 good plays and romps a  day.

Her history is that she has terrible separation anxiety and is willful. She  has quickly relaxed and enjoyed the routine and residents in her foster  home. She is potty trained and respectfully sleeps at the foot of the bed!

She  is most potty trained, but expect an adjustment period that should pass  quickly.   She should be taken right outside in the morning and don't  let her save her poop for inside!  She likes to poop off-leash.

As  for eating, like with most dogs, everyone should have good space  around their food bowl. AND  longer lasting chewies/bones should be  carefully managed to maintain harmony between residents!

SHE LOVES HOSES and baths.

She  will start sleeping by your head....but when she feels secure - will  move to the foot of the bed or to your side.  She is not great in the  car - she wants to be in your lap - so need to secure her in the back  seat with a leash.

Her foster has not used a crate with her. It hasn't been necessary.