Scottish Terrier Mix
Yes with slow introductions
Unsure but he would probably be ok
Older Children

If we had to describe Chester in one word it would be joyful. 

Chester was confiscated from an abusive situation, but his past doesn’t hold him back from being the happiest, most joyful pup we have ever met. If you even so much as look in Chester’s direction his happy tail starts thumping and his whole body starts to wiggle. Sometimes his tail even wags in his sleep. Chester is a world class snuggler, and loves nothing more than to lay his head in your lap, get belly rubs, and shower you with kisses. He truly has an amazing zest for life, and is full of exuberant energy and happiness.

At 36 pounds, but with short little legs and a long body, Chester is also a very unique looking boy. With his flowing salt and pepper colored hair and huge smile with a pronounced underbite, he’s bound to make you smile every single day. He’s also a total clown and will entertain you with his silly antics and snorting noises when he’s excited.

Speaking of making noises, those snorting noises are the only noises we have ever heard him make. He has never once barked or whined. He’s also just about the most well mannered boy you could ask for. Besides never barking, he’s calm in the home and always well behaved, great on walks, has no separation anxiety, has never been destructive in any way, loves his crate and sleeps in it every night, and is fully house trained. This boy deserves a canine good citizen award!

Chester loves to go on walks and does a little tap dance when he sees his leash. He’s great on walks and is not overly reactive to dogs, people, bikes, or joggers passing by. He’s also pretty athletic for his rather long and low stature, and has no problem taking a brisk hour long walk or keeping up on a hike. Chester is a perfect combination of being up for any adventures with you, but also being very content sleeping next to you while you work or enjoy a lazy Sunday. He’s extremely affectionate, but not overly needy.

Unfortunately, people have not always been kind to Chester. Because of this he does need slow introductions to new people. He actually has no problem with new people coming into the house or being around him, it’s just if they try to pet him before he is ready that he can get scared. With lots of cookies and time he warms up just fine. Similar to meeting new people, Chester also prefers slow introductions to new dogs. We don’t think he had many interactions with other dogs before he came to us so he finds new dogs walking directly up to him a bit scary. However when given the chance to meet new dogs slowly, he does great and he is currently living happily with a 9 lbs doodle and a 25 lbs doodle.

If you are looking for a fantastic walking partner, amazing cuddle buddy, and loyal best friend then Chester is the pup for you!