Scottish Terrier Mix
Yes with slow introductions
Unsure but he would probably be ok
Older Children

Meet  Chester! If you are looking for a companion to shower you with endless  love and happiness this is the dog for you. 

Chester has many amazing  qualities but here are just a few-

  • 6 year old, 35 lbs, long and low mystery terrier mix

  • Amazingly loving and full of happiness with his people, but never overly needy.

  • Perfect  behavior in the home- fully house trained, never barks (even when the  doorbell rings and the other dogs do), never jumps on people, never  destructive in any way, no separation anxiety, happily crate trained,  calm and respectful

  • Great with his foster dog siblings. Very respectful of his 9lbs sister and his cranky 25lbs brother

  • Perfect  energy level- Want to do a 5 mile hike? Chester would love to join you!  Want to spend all day in bed watching movies? Chester would love to do  that too

  • Long flowing salt and pepper coat that is non-shedding and low maintenance

Chester  is just the happiest guy! If you even so much as look in Chester’s  direction his happy tail starts thumping and his whole body starts to  wiggle. Sometimes his tail even wags in his sleep. Unfortunately, people  have not always been kind to him. Chester was confiscated from an  abusive situation and then found himself on death row in an overcrowded  shelter. Because of his past he does need slow introductions to new  people. New people trying to pet him before he is ready really scares  him. With time and patience he warms up to everyone, he just needs to  get to know them on his own terms. Oddly enough Chester is actually  great in crowded settings such as walking down a busy street, and if new  people come over to your house and don’t pet him he is totally calm and  happy to have them.

Chester  is looking for a special adopter who understands the trauma he has been  through, and has the patience to allow him to come out of his shell and  be the sweetest most loving boy his foster knows him to be. In return  Chester promises to provide endless snuggles, goofy smiles, silly  antics, and a whole lot of love.