Manchester Terrier/Min Pin mix
Chewie is a sweet 16 lb manchester terrier / miniature pincher dog. He loves ripping up his toys, chewing on bully sticks and is very treat motivated. He knows his basic tricks well: sit, down, off, up, leave it, kennel (for going into his crate) and name recall. Chewie likes to sleep in his crate at night with a blanket over it to scare off all the closet monsters. He is house trained but does occasionally like to mark his territory in new places. Chewie doesn't like to be picked up when he is comfy on the couch but he will be happy if you want to sit next to him and pet him. He also doesn't like pigeons and people approaching him and his pal on the street. He only barks inside the home when there are scary noises or cigarette smoke from the neighbors. He doesn't mind being left home alone for a few hours. Car rides are sometimes hard on his tummy but he is starting to get used to them. When he meets another dog it doesn't start off well but then he usually gets along fine after a few sniffs! He loves playing toss his toy but doesn't always know to bring it back. Chewie is ok with older dog savvy kids and has shown no aggression towards kids he meets.