Chihuahua Daschsund mix
1-1.5 years old
In progress
Meet Chiquita! We also call her Chicky. Chiquita was at the Martinez shelter for 2 months because she was so shy. Now she is flourishing and coming out of her shell. Chiquita is about a year to year and half years old but has the temperament of an older puppy. She is very playful and learning social cues with other dogs. She would be perfect for a patient family or owners who are willing to take time to socialize her. She is extremely food motivated so training should be a piece of cake! Or a million treats... either works for her. She is what we call “hand shy” meaning sometimes she cowers when someone tries to Pet her but has never snapped or shown any aggression. She takes a minute to come out of her shell but once she does, she's practically a big dog in a little dogs body. She will be perfect for active adopters who will be patient with her in the beginning. Weight: 17 pounds Housebroken: half the time Good with dogs GREAT with kids Big no no for cats If you would like more information on Chiquita or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.