Terrier mix
2 years old
From her foster parent July, 2019: Collie is a 2 year old, 8 pound bundle of love! I fondly call her Little Collie Coconut because her white fluffy hair looks like coconut shavings. She had a bit of a rough start but she is improving by leaps and bounds. She came into rescue after being hit by a car, but she seems happy and not in pain. She sometimes favors one of her hind legs, but it doesn't slow her down at all, in fact she is quite a fast runner! She is close to 100% house trained. Collie is very human oriented. She follows me everywhere and never wants to leave my side. She loves sitting next to me on the couch and loves sleeping on my lap. She cuddles up right next to me at bed-time and sleeps there the whole night. She does cry when I leave her in the house, but when I get home all is quiet. Collie is also great with children. She snuggles on the chair next to my friend's kids. Everyone really loves her. Collie gets along very well with her doggie friends and loves going on walks and being part of a pack. She barks at strange dogs during walk, but I am trying to train her away from this. She is food protective with my dog and cat, but not with humans. The only other negative issue is that she occasionally and suddenly chases my cat so maybe a home without cats would be best. To sum up, Collie is and extremely adorable and loving little dog who would be a great companion for a family or for a single person who is home a lot or can take her to work. If you would like more information on Collie or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.