Terrier mix
8-9 years old
Costello is happy and friendly in his foster home...he gets on well with resident dogs .....he plays with some of the residents and is respectful of the elders. Costello is housebroken - believe it! He is great on leash and well behaved in the car.....very sweet. He will greet you with a big smile and kiss if you let him. He is nice in bed and will sleep on a dog bed too. He will be best in a home without small children, as he will sometimes play/bite. He is exuberant with men in the this is something we are working on his greeting new men by leaping in front of them and on them in an effort to peck their cheek or arm. He is very bouncy and athletic when he meets new not everyone wants to engage with Costello in this way! He is good in the car but wants to check out new dogs coming into the that needs to be managed - how he greets other dogs entering the car. He really wants to please and is a great companion and will do well with new people who will help channel his excitement. If you would like more information on Costello or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.