Schnauzer, Basset Hound Mix
Unsure but probably ok

Hi  there! My name is Dandie and I’m one daper gentleman looking for the  perfect home that will embrace me for the unique fellow that I am. 

To  the people I know and trust I am the most loving, silly, joyful boy. I  love nothing more than to cuddle for hours, receive belly rubs, and just  be close to you. I also walk great on leash, am fully house trained,  don’t bark much, don’t seem to have any separation anxiety, and have  never been destructive. My foster mom says I have enough personality to  fill any room, and between my tiny legs, oversized body, and all my  funny antics I’m bound to make you laugh every single day.

Speaking  of those tiny legs of mine, they are great for cruising under the  coffee table, but after about 20-30 mins of walking I’m all tuckered  out. I really do love my walks, but long hikes and strenuous activities  are just not my thing. I am very content taking a few leisurely walks a  day and then napping next to you for hours. I love going to the park and  I am very dog friendly. Sometimes I get a little over excited on leash  when I see new dog friends walking by, but I’ve gotten a lot better  already and I am very treat motivated and trainable. I am a very easy  going guy and could happily live with other dogs big or small, but also  would be just fine living on my own.

Unfortunately,  I have not had the easiest life, and people have not always been kind  to me. Because of this I do come with a few quirks. One of those is  while I love all the pets and cuddles from my people, I do have some  very strong feelings about places I do not want to be touched, like my  feet. I’m also not one to shy away from new people and don't even mind  them coming over, but I do not appreciate them trying to touch me before  I am ready. Like most other things in my life, I do best when everyone is aware of and respects my boundaries. I  am very clear about what these are, and will always give you plenty of  warning if you are crossing one, however I am looking for a family who  will be very respectful of my limits so children are not a good match  for me.

It’s  true I do have a few quirks, but basically if you can respect where I  liked to be touched and help me meet new people in a way I feel  comfortable I really am the chilest, most low maintenance dog around. My  foster mom says I'm one of the easiest fosters she's ever had because  I'm so jolly and able to just go with the flow. I am looking for a  family who will commit to my ongoing socialization and training, and one  where someone will be home with me most of the day. So if you are  looking for your ride-or-die, nap partner extraordinaire, lowrider best  friend then look no farther than me!

Breed: Schnauzer, Basset Hound Mix

Weight: 25 pounds

Sex: M

Age: 5

Housebroken: Yes

Dogs: Yes

Cats: Unsure but he would probably be ok

Kids: No