Boston Terrier
11 years old
Diamond is one very special girl. She was adopted a year ago, but returned because of health issues which are currently under treatment. Diamond is a spayed, 5 year old boston terrier female. She's great with other dogs and with people. Like many Boston females, Diamond can be a bit pushy around other dogs. She doesn't start fights...but she wants her way! This can be shaped with some training. Ideally, Diamond will not live in a home with other frail or senior dog(s). She can be with other dogs, or on her own, but remember that she can be rambunctious. :-) Diamond has been diagnosed with a swallowing disorder. We do not know the cause, and probably never will. This conclusion was brought forth by our favorite vet, after a number of tests and medicine trials. At present she will vomit most of her food immediately upon eating, ESPECIALLY if she is stressed, agitated or feeling rambunctious. We have found that switching her to a raw diet, feeding several (6+) small meals daily and keeping her calm has helped her tremendously. She is improving and has begun to gain weight. It's a tough situation, because this little lass LOVES to run like a demon dog at the park! We feel that keeping her in a calmer environment, using long leash walks for exercise will help her to improve. This condition will never resolve, but it is very manageable. If you would like more information on Diamond or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.