Golden Doodle Wheaten Terrier Mix
6 months old


Good  boy alert! 

Duke is a 6 month old goldendoodle wheaten terrier mix , and he's  looking for a good family of his own. Currently he is at 30  pounds and we think he will finish growing somewhere around 35 or 40  pounds. He’s an energetic young pup that loves to cuddle and play. He  has truly mastered the puppy dog eyes for getting pets and snuggles. He  thrives off of human attention and is full of energy! He's always up for  playing with his toys or a nice cuddle session.

Duke  is one well rounded puppy. He loves all people, is great with kids, and  loves other dogs. He has good recall, knows how to sit, and has pretty  much masted house training.  Since he's a young puppy he can be very  excitable, especially at the start of walks, but besides that he walks  great on leash. He is a really quick learner (e.g. was taught a house  manner skill in one morning with rewards), so he has so much potential!

Duke  is looking for a family that will be able to invest the time and energy  he needs to continue his training and socialization. He's great with  dogs big and small and would be happy to have a dog sibling or two, but  would also be just fine on his own. As a young active dog he will need a  significant amount of exercise everyday in order to keep him happy. His  current foster takes him out for a few walks a day (around 2 hrs total  each day) but he always seems to want more walking time.  He would be a great running or hiking partner, but he also loves dog parks and long walks.

He is truly a cute, lovely boy that would fit well into an active and loving home!