Yorkie mix
1.5 years old
In progress
Elvira - 2.7 pounds of love! Elvira is a young, spunky, sassy little dog with a sense for adventure. She is high energy, will bark at strange noises, and will require exercise and a commitment to continued training as she grows up. She is extremely smart and responds very well to positive training methods as she is extremely food motivated. She enjoys the company of other dogs and could go to a multiple dog home but she would be equally happy as an only dog. Elvira is absolutely ADORABLE. She lives to be with her person, and will bring so much joy into your life with her happy dances and little dog kisses! I feel that her ideal home might be a single person. She is still learning how to share the things she values most with other dogs. She roamed the streets of the mission for the first six months of her life so she's still learning that she doesn't need to hoard resources and food. We don't think that she will get much larger, so if you are looking for a big dog in a tiny body, she's your girl! If you would like more information on Elvira or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.