Spaniel Mix
4 Years
In Progress

From Fred and George's Foster Parent July 13:

Fred and George are twin 4-year-old Spaniel mix brothers picked up from the (San Jose / Stockton?) area the first week of July.

They were dropped off by an owner that had too many dogs and they had clearly not spent much time inside a home and had never been on-leash. They are unneutered, but are being scheduled for a vet visit for this. Originally placed in a foster home together, they are now in different houses to help them gain confidence and independence. Their foster folks are currently working on house training and leash walking.

George is a tad smaller, but has the more dominant personality. He likes to be the leader of the pack and is a little more high energy. He is also learning how to walk on-leash but walks a little bit like how it must be to walk a squirrel - no straight lines for this one! George is also a terrific snuggler, but will need an owner willing to work on house training and barking.

George doesn't trust easily but when he does he will be your most faithful companion. He always greats you with tail wags and kisses. He has some separation anxiety but he seems to learn fast. He shows high intelligence which shows in his bone hiding skills. George might do best with a less active home as he doesn't have much interest in games. He loves walks although the smells and other dogs might scare him. I'm sure he will get used to it with time. He came to the foster very thin and is gaining weight as we speak.

Both were great with a 10-year-old in the foster home, and will most likely do well with any children and be a great family dog. Have not seen them interact with cats.