Italian Greyhound/Min Pin/Whippet
1 Years Old
Meet Grommit! Grommit (AKA Grommie) is just the happiest guy in town since he was spring from the shelter. He makes his foster family laugh all day long! He is SUCH a love bug! We believe he is part Italian Greyhound (He is lanky and all legs!), mixed maybe with some Miniature Pincher and possibly some Whippet. We are waiting for DNA test results now. STAY TUNED! He weighs about 15-16 lbs. and stands about 2 feet tall when he is on all 4 legs. Tall and lanky! He is about a year old, and also neutered. He is one silly happy pooch! He was found in a backyard with 15 other dogs and probably didn't have too much human contact and relied on other dogs for comfort. He has now learned that humans are pretty cool and loves being on a lap, snuggling in bed, and being held. He LOVES other small/medium sized dogs and cats. He would probably be fine with a friendly bigger do too- we just have not tested that yet. We actually believe Grommit should be adopted by someone who already has at least one other dog, he would love even more dogs actually. He would not be happy as an only pooch. He loves to sleep under the covers at night and snuggling and even during the day, loves extra blankets in his dog bed to roll up in. Good luck trying to make your bed without him jumping in and trying to roll himself up in your sheets. He is very smart! He learned potty training and the dog door at his fosters home in just 2 days. He also learns from other dogs, if they give him a growl that they don't want to play, he quickly respects their boundaries. Grommit would probably do best in a home with a fenced in yard that is secure, and not being left home for really long hours every day. A few hours would be fine especially with his doggie sibling to keep him company. He would love another dog that would be open to his advances to play, and snuggle together. He is a dog that will need daily exercise. He loves his walks and also loves to play fetch and will go back and forth with him.