Harriet Houdini

Terrier/Chihuahua Mix
1 Year
No, She is Reactive
Probably Not
Older Kids

Harriet is a beautiful little chihuahua/wire haired terrier mix, with big caramel eyes that will melt 

your heart. She’s the perfect size to snuggle in your lap, which she will do with her favorite 

person. She absolutely loves being brushed and getting massages. 

Harriet is a young dog who needs plenty of playtime, training, and walks to keep her stimulated. 

She bonds to her new person quickly and tends to guard them, so needs time and space to 

acclimate to others in the household. She is also jealous of other animals, and would do best as 

a one and only. Harriet is smart and sensitive, and learns new commands quickly – she knows 

sit, stay, down, touch, and dance. 

Harriet is reactive to other dogs, and sometimes people, and also has separation anxiety (which 

she is on medication for). She is also afraid of strangers. She really needs a home with people 

who have experience of these long-term issues, and can work with her on them. Harriet is 

housetrained, spayed, and up to date on her vaccinations.