Dachshund / Chihuahua mix
4-5 years old (approx)
Harry is pending adoption!
We are currently not accepting applications for Harry at this time.

Everyone is crazy about Harry! Harry is a 4-5 year-old Dachshund/Chihuahua mix who weighs approximately 20 lbs. He was a stray rescued from the San Jose Shelter so his background is little known.  Harry sleeps in his crate and gets up between 7-8am. He goes for a 15-minute walk, then comes back for breakfast. He spends all morning relaxing on his mat with either of his foster parents, and also his foster brother (a young, small breed dog). During lunch, Harry and his foster brother gets another walk or let out some energy out in the yard by playing with his foster brother. In the evening, he goes out for a walk and comes back for dinner. Before bedtime, he gets one more trip outside and then gets ready to sleep in his crate.  When Harry first arrived in his foster home, he was very reserved for the first few days. Within a week, he quickly turned into a velcro dog who wants pets and scratches, and wags his tail and body every time he greets his humans. He will follow you everywhere once he gets familiar. He is still uncomfortable with people touching his paws, but his foster parents see a huge improvement after adding cleaning and bathing to his routine.  Harry does very well adapting to his foster brother, who is a younger small breed male. He walks well alone or with another dog. Harry does not guard his food or toys. He also does not react during leash walking. He does not know much commands or recall, so he must be kept on a leash until more training is completed. He needs guidance from humans who know how to properly introduce him to other dogs and new people. A confident person who knows how to show him it is safe.  Harry is working on house training and making progress. A regular schedule and consistent trips to go outside greatly improved his habits. He is crate trained but should not be left alone in it for a long period of time as he will whine. He does not whine during his bedtime or if his humans are around.   This little guy is ready to look for a home with lots of love to give!