India (from China)

French Bulldog
2-4 years old
older or none preferred

Meet India! She is one of the 15 dogs rescued from China!

 She is easygoing and extremely lovable. She seems to get along with all dogs and people and loves nothing more than eating, snuggling and playing. Tennis balls are her favorite, she likes to play half fetch, as in she likes to chase the ball to retrieve it but won’t bring it back. She also loves to gnaw on a good chew toy. 

She is the epitome of a soft, sweet girl and enjoys being close to people cuddling on the sofa or in bed. She is happy asleep in your lap or the crook of your arm. She’s got the most adorable little snore that will lul you to sleep. 

India is mellow and easy going but still fits in easily playing with her foster brothers. It’s impossible not to get lost in her soulful eyes, wondering how she can be so loving and trusting after the horror she has seen and endured. She fancies herself a bit of a watch dog but not relentless about it, just a quick alert to let you know she’s watching. She’s petite and quiet and the perfect home for her I think would have older or no children, or perhaps one small child that is watched/ gentle. 

She is slow to climb stairs and jumping places is challenging so a home without lots of stairs would be best. She does good with other dogs amd seems to enjoy them but could easily get hurt/ overrun by large or many other pets so she’d be best with a calm sibling or another frenchie /small dog that has a similar  play style to her. She has so much love to give and will make someone so incredibly happy.

Please note: Adoption fees for dogs rescued from China are $2000.

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