11 years old
Yes,for the most part
Please say "hi" to Jack, an 11 yr old Chihuahua who weighs 3 lbs. He came into rescue after his guardian died recently. Jack is learning how to live with small & medium sized dogs. He is not crate trained. Jack excels at being a lap dog & small couch potato(tater tot). He enjoys his daily walks & walks well on leash. He will cry a little bit when his foster mom leaves the house. He is mostly house trained & will use pee pads when he is left alone. He used a doggie door in his previous home. Jack is very comfortable in a sherba duffle bag in the car or on public transit, and is grateful to be carried up and down flights of stairs. Due to his age and size he only has a few teeth & eats canned dog food & small breed kibble. He's a healthy little fella. :-) Jack has been a champ & shows he is willing to learn & adjust to change.At this time it is unknown how he is with children, cats & other pets. If you would like more information on Jack or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.