Jack Russell mix
3-4 years old
In progress
Jackson is a spry, approximately 3-4 years old, Jack Russell. He comes from living in a small cage with another dog in Korea to find his second chance at life in the US. Jackson is a confident little guy and quickly settling into the good life in his new foster home. Jackson would blossom and be the perfect dog for an active family. He has a lot of energy for his age and would benefit from regular walks or a romp around the dog park. Jackson is a smart guy, although a little clueless with basic manners, but his foster mom thinks he'll be able to catch on quick with consistent obedience training. He LOVES to wrestle with his squeaky squirrel, munch on a bully stick or chase around a ball. Jackson is happy to play tug of war, but is equally as good at entertaining himself. He loves being outside and is fantastic with other dogs, both big and small/male and female. In his foster home, he lives with a puppy and is very good at correcting her fairly when she is too much for him. Jackson does not resource guard and is a good sharer - he is OK when feeding him by hand and around other dogs. Same with toys. You can easily take it away (but not without a sad look from Jackson!). He does need to work on not grabbing toys out of hands - I wouldn't recommend little children to feed / play with Jackson as he is still a little mouthy when over excited. Jackson is very good at being in his crate and sleeping through the night. It takes him about 10 minutes to settle down, but is quiet after when left at home alone.