Yorkie, Carin Terrier mix
10 years old
Meet Jules! He is bonded with the lovely Kobe. Unfortunately, their owner became homeless and reached out to San Jose Animal Care and Control for help. One of their lovely volunteers contacted us and voila! The rest is history. Jules is the brown scruffy boy. He is about 15 pounds and is a tad clingier than Kobe. Jules really tugs at your heart strings with his floppy ears and easy going nature. He is extremely sweet and loving. He absolutely loves playing at the dog park. He is extremely gentle and will curl up in your lap while you're reading, watching tv, working at your desk, or just about anything! A big perk is neither of them appear to shed!! Jule's original owner reported him to be 10 years old but his teeth are in amazinf condition, it is hard to believe he is 10! Jules and Kobe MUST be adopted together as they have spent the past 10 years together. Both boys could stand to lose 3- 5 lbs. They have a reduced adoption fee of $375 (rather than $500). Both boys come fully vetted, neutered, and microchipped. If you would like more information on Kobie and Jules or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.