Chihuahua mix
10 years old
Y (although he marks)
not sure
not sure

Leo is very quiet, quirky and affectionate - and adorable!!

He warmed up to us very quickly and  loves people. At home he loves cuddling and being pet, and he’s very curious, always trying to look outside our apartment windows and smell  everything on walks. He follows me around and stays by my side at all  times. 

He LOVES blankets and will carry one along with him wherever he  decides to graze in our apartment lol. Loved sunbathing and takes lots  of naps.

He is eager to meet everybody he sees so he’ll  whimper a little when we don’t say hi but he’s we're teaching him the  command “leave it”.  He's getting better everyday!

I haven’t let him interact with other dogs though  as we’re waiting to make sure his fleas are gone, but I suspect he’s  probably fine. Overall super easy and  low maintenance, just wants attention and cuddles, friendly with  everyone Leo is sophisticated senior. Around 10 years old. 

Location 575 O’Farrell Street #802, SF, Ca.  94102
Mailing PO Box 17, Penngrove, CA. 94951

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Email adoption@wonderdogrescue.org

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