Beagle mix
6 months
In progress
Lily is a silly, wiggly puppy who learns quickly. Lily can also be timid at times but is quickly coming out of her shell. Herman is Lily's brother and they absolutely adore one another. They know and love each other, but are not bonded. We are hoping to adopt them out to homes that have at least one other dog in the home, but that is not a deal breaker if the adopter is willing to explore avenues such as doggie daycare, puppy socials, or a safe, fenced, size appropriate, dog park. Lily is playful and kind. When Lily arrived at his foster home - she did not know how to walk on a leash or go up or down stairs. Now she is an expert and is proudly prancing and saying hello to everyone she sees. She greets everyone with HUGE tail wags and a friendly face. Herman and Lily love doing anything you want to do...everything seems new and they are taking it all in. They are easy to have in your lap or pick up ...with very smooth fur to stroke! These pups are great little dogs and are good for adults or kids and are on their way to having excellent manners. If you would like more information on Lily or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.