Boston Terrier/Boxer mix
1.5 years old
In Progress
From Lola's Current Foster Parent: Sweet Lola! There has been so much interest in Lola, we needed to take some time to really access what she needs in her forever home. Lola was found by another rescue in Fresno: she was stray, emaciated with burned feet. They did a great job socializing her: She's great with children, dogs, cats and people. But she was stray for a long time prior to rescue, so we need to work on her indoor manners. Behavior: She has severe separation anxiety and she can be destructive in the household, (she will eat anything on the ground and counter surfs). We have tried crating her, but she is an escape artist and can break out of any crate. She is not leash trained and will wander into traffic if not supervised. And she is young, so she needs a LOT of exercise. We are working on potty training, she's about 80% (which is a huge improvement). She is super sensitive and needs lots of Positive Reimforcement Training (all dogs do really). Her ideal home: Will be with an active family or folks that have either a stay at home member or someone who can take her to work: This person will give her a lot of exercise, training and will work with her separation anxiety. She can not be left in the house alone until she has proper training. She can not be left in a yard unattended, she will escape. Someone who will do LONG fast walks with her and/or run with her, or agility: Lola needs a lot of excercise (she's getting about 4 hours of walks a day now! WOW). Lola is intensly social and LOVES dogs and would adore having one or two doggy mentors to help her feel secure: This will help with her separation anxiety too. She loves kid too! Most of all, she is the sweetest, most soulful and perfect sized little lady: It's easy to get swept away with her. If you feel you can meet all of Lola's needs, give her the active and social life she requires and the gentle training she needs, please fill out an adoption application.