13 years old
London's Mom had a baby....and realized that London was no longer getting the attention he needed. She had him since he was weeks old. This happens, sometimes, and it's very hard. London is a sweet, gentle 13 year old puggle in very good health.....he is lovely on leash and is fine in the park off leash. London is nice to people and other dogs. Because of a donation from the surrendering home, we will be able to provide certain medical care that will come along for him. :-) At home London will snooze at your feet. He does not force himself on the bed or furniture. He is housebroken and just all around very polite. He also shows us his energetic side, and acts like a pup when he is happy! He is the perfect companion: mellow, aways up for a walk or a snooze. He can hike if you want....or not. He may be losing his hearing or he is just hearing what he wants to hear. No matter - he is easy and kind and would be a good roommate for anyone. Please consider giving London the loving home he deserves! If you would like more information on London or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.