Boston Terrier
11-14 years old
6/6 UPDATE. Margie has just seen the vet. She has very high liver enzymes, which are often the sign of a more serious physical ailment. We are starting treatment..... Please send her your best thoughts and wishes. Linda ~~~~~~~~ Info from her current foster parents: Margie came to us from a NorCal Shelter, so we have very little history on her. Age: We'd be guessing, but her health indicates 11 to 14 years Size: She's a big girl: about 25 lbs Physical Health: She has limited to no hearing Margie has a Lazy/deformed eye and limited vision in her "good" eye. She has multiple skin tags and growths: These still need to be evaluated by a DVM to see if they are benign of not. She has had a dental cleaning. She is Spayed Behavior: The good: She love to play with her ball! (Sometimes hard for her to find as she is blind!) She does not bark. Margie love walks on leash and walks beautifully! Because she is blind and deaf she CANNOT go off leash. She loves to sit on the sofa with you or is happy on a dog bed. The not so good: She can be a little leash reactive: This is because he vision is limited and she is startled easily. She needs some access to outdoors: She's an old lady, when she has to pee, she has to PEE! She is not used to being loved: VERY stoic. Initially she was indifferent, but now we get a little tail wag when we come home and she likes to sit/sleep next to us, but needs to be invited. She does not give kisses!! Some people may like this.