Boston Terrier Chihuahua Mix
12 years old
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Responsible older kids
Meet Marti! Stanislaus County Shelter contacted us because Marti had an inch and a half ulcerated tumor on her tummy (meaning it was inside out). We promptly had it removed and her quality of life has skyrocketed. Unfortunately we do not have the means to biopsy tumors, so we are not sure if it is cancerous or not, but for now she is thriving. Marti loves to cuddle in your lap or on the couch with you. She loves when you give her treats as well. Marti loves to be scratched behind the ears and she absolutely loves squeaky toys and playing with them. She is a fantastic companion. She's not the best at walks but enjoys them. A few things to note about Miss Smarty Marti 1) Marti is potty trained, however, if she cannot find her way outside or to a potty pad she will go potty (mostly pee). Her current foster has her sleep in an x-pen lined with potty pads at night. They also eat outside on the porch so that she can go potty after she eats which she does rather quickly. 2) Marti is fine with other dogs but gets very scared when they approach her quickly because she is blind. She is fond of the other senior dogs in her foster home but not the younger dogs who try to play with her. 3) Marti would be fine with older kids who know they need to approach Marti gently because she is blind. She would love the attention. 4) Marti's eyes have been cleared as okay for now, this could change in the future but the rescue would be willing to help where they can. The vet does not suspect a change but of course, we cannot guarantee anything. Please ask if you have any questions! As we are more than happy to answer anything. We love Marti so much. She stands up on 2 feet to greet you as you come through the door and she gives the CUTEST kisses. Marti also needs a foster. If you would like more information on Marti or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.