Boston Terrier
10 years old
April 2019: We had an interesting visit at the vet today with Marti. It was great having Dave Gordon see her. She had a growth on her leg which is nothing serious, but we're still going to have it removed. The big news is that Marty has vision in one eye only. The other eye is going to develop glaucoma, and we have decided to do a procedure to shrink that eye. We've also done bloodwork to make sure that everything else is healthy. Dave feels that the eye is at a place where it's causing her some discomfort, and shrinking with an injection it will make her a much happier girl. Here's what her foster Mom has to say about her: Marti is a DARLING. She likes the simple things in life: sleeping, eating, short walks. She has limited vision but gets around very well. She walks easy on the leash and doesn't pull. During the day she stays close by my side, and and bedtime she curls up right against my belly. Marti is friendly when meeting new people. I have not introduced her to other dogs. She doesn't bark but she will whine/cry when she needs something: sometimes a trip outside, sometimes just a little reassuring snuggle. Marti most likely won't be attending adoption events but private meet and greets can be set up. If you would like more information on Marti or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.