Shepard mix
5 years old
Maximo is an adult male dog approximately 4 or 5 years old. Poor Maximo was found by himself with no food and no water alone in his owner's house in Puerto Rico when his owner passed away. Máximo is a big hunk of love, literally- he needs to loose some weight. Currently he is 49 pounds, but with food portioning and regular exercise he should gradually slim down to about 35 pounds. Maximo is very shy but with a good home or a foster he will do wonderfully and show his true personality soon. He is good with children and other animals, and should do well in a quieter household to start out. Maximo has all his vaccines and is neutered. Update 11/7/16: Maximo is definitely feeling at home in San Francisco. He was a big hit with people at the adoption events this past weekend, with a lot of people stopping by to pet him and admire how cute he is. There's just something irresistible about the one ear up and one ear down look, not to mention his tail that curls over his back! Maximo did wonderfully with other dogs, and had a great time playing with Troya and Sol the other two dogs that recently arrived from Puerto Rico. People and children that stopped by to visit were all greeted by Maximo and his wagging tail. He was practicing a “One Kiss,” policy for the day, stopping by each hand and getting petted, then rewarding his fans with just one kiss! After he made the round of all the hands, he started again, everyone could pet him and then they got a “One Kiss” reward for their kindness. This was great fun to watch, no favoritism was shown to anyone in particular, everyone was loved equally! This fun loving boy is learning to walk on a leash, this was not required of him before. Once he gets his leash skills mastered, he's going to want to go out and meet the public, he's no longer the shy fellow he once was. He's a happy go lucky kind of guy, not hyperactive, but enough energy to go for long walks and enjoy life with you.