English Bull Dog
7 months old
Moomin is pending adoption!
We are currently not accepting applications for Moomin at this time.

Moomin is a sweet and peppy boy! He is about 7 months old and 22 lbs, and flew here from Korea!  He is  always happy, playful and wants to be near you. He loves taking long  walks, playing with other dogs at the dog park and being active. A tired  Moomin is a happy Moomin. He's good on the leash and harness.  Despite the reputation of bulldogs, Moomin would probably love to go on hikes and stay fit. He's  been very friendly with every dog he's met, but some of them don't  always like his puppy playfulness. He responds well if that's the case  and leaves dogs alone if they seem uninterested. He would love to be  with another friendly playful dog . He's a little timid going up and down stairs, but with some encouragement he does well and is starting to get the hang of it! Moomin is mostly potty trained but has had a couple accidents in the house.  We've been weaning him off puppy pads and showing him how to use walks  as his potty time. Moomin needs some work on the barking as he will definitely let you know when  he wants something. He loves watching you cook in hopes of something  falling to the ground. He's still young so needs training, but is highly  motivated with treats so they are a good tool to use. Overall, he's a sweet soul and excited to learn and play!