French Bull Dog
About 2 years old

This is Oji, a rescued, young, Frenchie from Korea. He was rescued from a kill shelter a minute before being euthanized. 

He spent almost a year at a private shelter and then was adopted by a US military family. They kept him for about a year and then abandoned him when they went back to the US. Oji had to go back to the shelter and he was heartbroken. He didn’t eat or drink for days in the shelter. He was rescued and placed with a foster family where he has since done very well. Oji needs to find his forever family!   

He is a sweet, loving dog with lots of energy. Oji has a great temperament and loves people and children. He is extremely cuddly and affectionate.  He would be a great dog for a family because he loves being around people.  He gets along well with other dogs and would be fine going to a house that other pets. He does get excited when he sees other dogs on leash, because he is excited to play. Oji would do best with a family that can spend a lot of time with him and is willing to give him lots of walks and exercise outside.  He is well trained and can sit, give a paw, lay and roll over! He is house trained but he needs lots of potty breaks outside. Oji is such a great dog;  if you are looking for a spirited, loving, forever companion, this is the dog for you!

Please note: Special adoption fee for dogs rescued from Korea: $1500.