Panda (from China)

French Bull Dog

Meet Panda! She is one of the 15 dogs rescued from China!

Panda is a sweet and spicey pup. She loves stretching in the sun and having you rub her belly and thighs.

She is an expert sleeper and wants to lie next to you or better yet - have her neck on your neck! She will play with her foster roommates or just relax with them. 

She enjoys  walks and treks to the park, but she is mellow in the parks and mostly  looking for food (maybe part of being raised in a puppy mill in China.)

Her  pottytraining is about 99% good - she has learned to go outside and not save it  for a pad or rug in the house.  S

She can get pretty frantic around food! We recommend separating from other pets during meal times.

Please note: Adoption fees for dogs rescued from China are $2000.

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