Chihuahua mix
1+ years old
he uses pee pads and knows to pee outside when you take him outside

Peewee is a little over 1 year old, and he weighs about 3 lbs. He has a spinal deformity and perhaps some minor neurological issues. 

He is neutered and he had a hernia, but he got surgery for it and he is doing great now. 

He loves to plays some with other dogs. Loves to sleep on with his foster mom (every night and during the day). She says, "I think something is not quite right with him but he is sweet."

He is cold a lot! We recommend to always have a sweater on him. He is pee pad trained. 

He can climb up stairs - still learning to go down. (Can go down but not the big steps)

 He is a snuggle bug and wants to be with a person 24/7.  For a puppy, he sleeps a lot. 

He has trouble eating. He opens and drops the food out of his mouth. 

(He just had 2 baby teeth removed so hopefully that will help. We recommend feeding him wet food (easier the stew kind than one solid piece) and break up  pieces for him to eat so they are very small pieces. He will eat little dry kibble - small bites at times too. 

He is a little defensive of food so best to isolate him during eating. We think he would love to have dog companions but also would do great as an only dog.