Boston Terrier
10 years old
Yes, mostly
Persimmon is about 10 years old and weighs about 13 lbs. She adores being with people. She wants to be near her humans when they are home. We have worked on making her crate more positive and she does well in a crate when left alone. In the home she is confident but can be skittish in new places. She is learning basic leash etiquette but it is a work in progress as the outside world can be a bit frightening for her. She is also getting the hang of basic household manners. Percy is neutral about other dogs and has not been introduced to any cats. She has ignored them on our walks. While Percy has not shown any aggression towards our other dogs, she does try to police them, especially when it comes to her preferred humans. So if she is in a home with other dogs they will need to be fairly mellow. She will also need a person that can set firm loving boundaries with her otherwise she may end up being a tyrant! If you have a mellow home and are looking for a sweet little cuddle buddy, Percy is the pup for you. If you would like more information on Percy or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.