Boston Terrier mix
4 years old
He can use work sociaizing and meeting dogs. When on leash, he is reactive (barks and lunges at dogs within sight.)
no (nor small animals)
Older kids only

Rocco is a sweet and silly love! Around 25 lbs, he loves people. He's also a "go with the flow" kind of guy. If you’re excited, he gets excited. If you want to snuggle and chill, he’s up for that too!

Full of affection, he loves to cuddle up next to you or on your lap and loves blankets. 

He's good about letting you know his needs (potty, wanting to play, wanting to eat). He’s got a great appetite and seems totally potty trained. He loves to play ball, tug, walks, looking out windows and car rides! He is great with bathing and a good walker on leash. 

Rocco knows the commands "sit" and "shake paw". We recommend working on his recall because he loves to chase birds and squirrels, he's quite fast and can jump pretty high. If you have a confined outdoor area, he could easily jump over a short fence or gate under 6 " high.

If you are up for a young energetic boy, Rocco may be the perfect guy for you!