Mixed Terrier
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Older Kids
From the Foster Parent March 25: Rogan the wolfhound He is SOO super sweet and cuddly. He is little - about 5ish lbs, has red hair - smooth hair from the belly down and on top he has a little shaggy natural mohawk. His ears are almost the size of his head and so expressive, his nose is crooked and he has 1 fang that sticks out…you can help but FALL IN LOVE - Serious love! He is so cuddly and loves to be held, he will crawl up your leg and into your arms. He will also climb on to the back of your chair / sofa to sit on your neck. He loves people. He also loves dogs….He gets along great with my two little monsters - both are small in size, and, during a walk about the neighborhood, he said hello to a few larger dogs. He was lovely and all were calm dogs. He has a sweet movement when he walks - it's either a full on strut or a tiny scurry over to you. His confidence will build with familiarity but even in this newness he is not fearful. He walks well on a leash. I use a harness cuz he's so little, doesn't dart to the end of the leash, but will investigate his surroundings. He is house trained!!! He walked 4 large blocks and then looked at me to carry him - since he is so tiny I just zipped him up in my hoodie and he was fine. So he can & will walk, but he is also good with being carried. He is not a barker. He did bark once on the first night when the upstairs neighbor was bring her two bigs dogs down the stairs, but is was one once and he stopped. He did not bark when the big dogs were going down the stairs the next time; he did give me a grumble and went down the hallway to the door tome sure all was well. He was also very good in the car. He crawled in my lap and slept. He has very good balance. He is a little gem and very fun. He is so tiny that I use caution when handling - my dogs are about 5 - 10 lbs bigger .