Terrier mix
2-3 Years Old
In progress
From Rory's Foster Parent March 24: Rory was neutered on 3/12/2020 at AllBay Vet in Concord. They estimated him to be between 2 1/2 to 3 years old and weighs about 5 lbs. He walks well on a leash, likes my 2 dogs and is fine with our cat. He eats and drinks well, but is not house trained and too little to push through our double dog door, which opens onto an upstairs terrace. We take him out a lot, and he does go when we go out, but I was given a belly band by Mariah, and it has been very helpful, as he lifts his leg very often. Been a bit difficult with the rain too. He has been using the puddle pads to poo on. We live in coyote territory, so out cat is indoor only, and my dogs, 9 and 12 lbs, are never let out in our small yard alone, so neither is Tim. He is learning to sit, and stay. He is on me like velcro and sleeps with me, and is very affectionate. ( I worry about separation anxiety, but hard to socialize in these anti-socializing days. We have a basket in the car, that he can be secure in, and he rides in it uncomplaining. Also, he is very quiet. Only barks when mine go out in the yard and other dogs walk by and they bark. He will make someone a perfect companion. A real snuggler, and just wants to be by your side or in your lap.