Boston Terrier
3 years old
In progress
From Ryder's foster parent, August 2019: Ryder is one of the Boston terriers we pickup from the puppy mill in Tracy. He is a playful and active dog, but still coming a bit out of his shell. He's a one eyed fella, and is approximately 3 years of age! We are seeking a GREAT home for him. Although coming out of his shell everyday....he has gone from timid and cautious to a bit more confident. Ryder did not know how to walk up or down stairs or hop in a car......now he does still with hesitation but he knows he is safe. Initially he practiced going up and down stairs when he thought no one was looking..... He is starting to get a little excited about walks and car rides and TREATS. Ryder is curious about other dogs but respectful. Ryder did not know what a human bed was and is still not comfortable sleeping with you or being held....but we are practicing both of those and he should get the hang of it, soon. He is a one eye guy. Every day is a great day for Ryder! If you would like more information on Ryder or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.