Yorkie mix
7 years old
Meet Sammy Sweetheart Sammy is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. She loves to follow you around, be carried in a dog backpack, and she loves to wear clothes. Sammy is great with cats, small medium and large dogs, and kids. Sammy however, will leave your backyard if she's unattended and can fit in the tiniest holes. Sammy has a pelvis fracture from an old injury but has no issues getting around. She usually only walks and runs on three legs but it's not in pain. I've seen her run up stairs multiple times with ease. Sammy has moderate separation anxiety so we are looking for an adopter who is either retired, can take her to work, can take her to doggy daycare (which she loves), or has a house of their own and not an apartment, she does whine when left alone but then stops (although it's rather loud and would disturb neighbors who you share a wall with) All in all she is a saint! She loves to be the life of the party. If you would like more information on Sammy or are interested in adopting, please fill out the adoption form.